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GODDESS LYCIA: “Lycia’s Greed” MP3

This erotic hypnosis session will make you addicted to serving Goddess Lycia financially. Any time you listen to this recording, you will be compelled to send a $100 tribute immediately afterward, and you will need to tribute at least $100 … Continued

$34.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
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GODDESS LYCIA: Sublime Seduction, Cruel Control

Sublime Seduction, Cruel Control Get ready for your mind and genitals to buzz like never before! This is a highly interactive audio session in which I seduce you every step of the way. The focus will be on a combination of tease … Continued

$49.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: “Superior Glamour Goddess” Fetish Photoset

Superior Glamour Goddess Fetish Photoset You are so ready to see Goddess Lycia as you’ve never seen her before! In this set of high-resolution vintage glamour photos, my beauty takes you to previously unexplored realms of erotic fantasy. These images … Continued

$29.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Pink Toezie Tease, Pointy Shoe Dangle, & I Figured Out your Fetish!

Pink Toezie Tease In this clip, Goddess Lycia shows off her pretty, bare feet, wiggles her pink-painted toes, and makes you more utterly helpless and submissive. Her sweetly evil and highly-addictive voice and giggles make you weak in the knees … Continued

$30.97 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Cutesie Humiliatrix (Fetish Photo Set)

Twenty-five captioned images of Goddess Lycia humiliating you and your inadequate penis. You diddle on the floor before me while I giggle and mock your “sex life.” Foot fetish, foot teasing, foot worship, bare feet, humiliation, small penis humiliation, verbal … Continued

$39.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia

OMGosh, sissy; I am *so* excited. I have everything I need for the hugely amazing party tonight, including your very elaborate sissy outfit from Sissy Kiss Boutique! It has been a long-running fantasy of mine to rent out this huge … Continued

$34.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia

So, you admire Goddess Lycia a lot; maybe you even have a crush on her. And you *know* that she likes to get tributes and gifts, but you just haven’t felt ready to tribute. Which wouldn’t be an issue if … Continued

$24.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Pretty, Sadistic Goddess Abuses Ugly, Retarded Slave and Lipstick Mindfuck

Pretty, Sadistic Goddess Abuses Ugly, Retarded Slave Another one of Goddess Lycia’s online humiliation/money slaves finally gets to meet and serve her in person. pig slave spent hours on his knees, being verbally and physically humiliated and abused. Here is … Continued

$24.98 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: The Devil’s Breath

The Devil’s Breath In this femme fatale hypnosis session, Goddess Lycia uses the “World’s Scariest Drug” to completely remove your free will. I will instill triggers in you which make it so that whenever I put you under the influence … Continued

$34.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Small Penis Traumatization

Small Penis Traumatization Emotional manipulation leading to irreversible psychological mortification in regards to your small penis via your immensely sadistic and bratty college crush. Do you have a small penis? If so, you need to be psychologically destroyed, and I … Continued

$29.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Erotic Lipstick Clip and Lipstick Domme

Erotic Lipstick Clip Just as the title says, this is a very erotic lipstick fetish clip; perhaps the most sultry and lusty Goddess Lycia has made yet! Watch her feminine sexuality come through with an especially arousing intensity as she … Continued

$25.98 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Post-Orgasm Arousal

Post-Orgasm Arousal Do you love the feeling of being utterly submissive and extremely horny? Wouldn’t it be nice to stay that way, even after you make cummies? How about an erotic hypnosis audio file which turns your orgasms into triggers, … Continued

$24.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia
GODDESS LYCIA: Internet Loser Lifestyle

Internet Loser Lifestyle In this hypnosis session, the submissive is hypnotized to want a life of complete isolation, where he almost exclusively engages in his perversion online. He is conditioned to find it more and more pleasurable to spend all … Continued

$29.99 Sold By: GoddessLycia