The Glamourous Premiere of: KISS the GROUND I WALK ON (VIDEO)

  Previously available ONLY via private release! This is a direct VIDEO message straight from My MARABOU FLUFFY FLUFF TRIBUTE EVENT, sitting like CLEOPATRA UPON HER THRONE in MY BEJEWELED DRESS by the antique EGYPTIAN TAPESTRY, wearing My jeweled STILETTO … Continued

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findom hypnosis
GODDESS LYCIA: “Lycia’s Greed” MP3

This erotic hypnosis session will make you addicted to serving Goddess Lycia financially. Any time you listen to this recording, you will be compelled to send a $100 tribute immediately afterward, and you will need to tribute at least $100 … Continued

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DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS: ‘Imperial Avaricious Princess in PINK Python Heels!’

OMG see ME in EXOTIC SKINS, GLORIOUS PINK PYTHON Heels by Luxury Shoe Designer Salvatore Ferragamo! (Marilyn Monroe’s FAVOURITE Shoe Designer!) These GENUINE PYTHON Heels are SO BEYOND!! you ABSOLUTELY LOVE buying EXOTIC SKINS and LUSH PLUSH FURS for ME!! I … Continued

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‘GLAMOUROUS PINK SEQUINS’ – Wearing a FULL LENGTH Baby Pink Sequined GOWN lounging in Mae West’s Suite!! Audio/Visual CLIP Previously available ONLY via PRIVATE RELEASE, this is the OFFICIAL PREMIERE of My Hollywood Glamour Fetish & Hypnotic BLONDE FETISH VIDEO.. ‘GLAMOUROUS … Continued

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COCK PUPPETRY – TASK A penis is a very comical piece of the male body. Although it’s mere existence is comical to Goddess you are about to STRIVE to have it laughed at to an all NEW LEVEL!     … Continued

$30.00 Sold By: MzDevon

INVADING you You exist to provide and maintain my comfort. You exist to be a show pony I whip when I crave nothing but a smirk. Will you be my show pony, slave? There’s no reason to do anything but … Continued

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MZ DEVON: Divine Breast Worship

Divine Breast Worship 1-3 Knowing how enthralled my big beautiful chest makes you breast fetish boys I knew it was time to attack your weakness for them again! Unconsciously your hands want to squeeze my tits, the blood raging through … Continued

$30.00 Sold By: MzDevon
MZ DEVON: Black Nylons Ped Worship

Black Nylons Ped Worship 1-3 Since I know my foot boys love my sexy ‘spread’ I’m 100% sure my gorgeous encased feet are going to have you on your knees, throbbing for one touch, one sniff, one suck…   Start … Continued

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MZ DEVON: SNAP / All Mine and never yours

All Mine and never yours – Video They make you weak. They make you stupid. They make you do the silliest of things for Me and THEY always WILL. Listen to your Goddess throw it all in your face while … Continued

$30.00 Sold By: MzDevon