MZ DEVON: SNAP / All Mine and never yours

All Mine and never yours – Video They make you weak. They make you stupid. They make you do the silliest of things for Me and THEY always WILL. Listen to your Goddess throw it all in your face while … Continued

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GODDESS LYCIA: Cutesie Humiliatrix (Fetish Photo Set)

Twenty-five captioned images of Goddess Lycia humiliating you and your inadequate penis. You diddle on the floor before me while I giggle and mock your “sex life.” Foot fetish, foot teasing, foot worship, bare feet, humiliation, small penis humiliation, verbal … Continued

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GODDESS LYCIA: Internet Loser Lifestyle

Internet Loser Lifestyle In this hypnosis session, the submissive is hypnotized to want a life of complete isolation, where he almost exclusively engages in his perversion online. He is conditioned to find it more and more pleasurable to spend all … Continued

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