MZ DEVON: Silly Public Masturbator

Silly Public Masturbator I bet at some point you’ve either thought of or actually have tugged yourself in public. Well, you sick little masturbator, I have given you a bunch of “scenes” to indulge in your chronic stroking public compulsion. … Continued

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INVADING you You exist to provide and maintain my comfort. You exist to be a show pony I whip when I crave nothing but a smirk. Will you be my show pony, slave? There’s no reason to do anything but … Continued

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EMPTIED Each day you plan to be strong, to salvage what’s left of your money. I also know that no matter how good your intentions are to yourself, I always win. Prove yourself worthy of my financial drain pig. Worship … Continued

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MZ DEVON: Our Future Together

Our Future Together I’m so sick of you begging me to let you be my boyfriend… sick to . But the thing is I do love everything you give me. So, I’ve decided how we can do this, how we … Continued

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MZ DEVON: SNAP / All Mine and never yours

All Mine and never yours – Video They make you weak. They make you stupid. They make you do the silliest of things for Me and THEY always WILL. Listen to your Goddess throw it all in your face while … Continued

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