MZ DEVON: Denial Countdown

Denial Countdown Denial is a funny thing isn’t it? It’s one thing when you’re in denial and no one else knows. It’s entirely another when someone DOES know. Would edging yourself to the point of exploding give you the same … Continued

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SISSY TRAINING DELUXE You no longer have the right to think like a man sissy. Wimper for me sissy… dress in pink for me sissy and make me giggle while you prance around! All you want is cuddles.. and all … Continued

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MZ DEVON: Divine Breast Worship

Divine Breast Worship 1-3 Knowing how enthralled my big beautiful chest makes you breast fetish boys I knew it was time to attack your weakness for them again! Unconsciously your hands want to squeeze my tits, the blood raging through … Continued

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MZ DEVON: SNAP / All Mine and never yours

All Mine and never yours – Video They make you weak. They make you stupid. They make you do the silliest of things for Me and THEY always WILL. Listen to your Goddess throw it all in your face while … Continued

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MZ DEVON: Seductive Financial Goddess

Seductive Financial Goddess your mind forever playing tricks on you. you know you shouldn’t love me.. but you cant stop. The more you try to stay away from my web.. the more it lures you in. You ache to call … Continued

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